The first image features a Lap Door in Spotty Corten finishing. The Lap door in the second image displayes a giant picture. Different designs can be applied on each side of the door. 

Idf1921 launches its Lap Door which is customizable according to the clients’ taste.

IDF1921, with 100 years of experience in the production of doors for the luxury sector, continues to focus on customization and excellence in the design of its new models.

This time the company designs a Lap Door with a height of 3000 mm.
The new pivot door, a model of door with pivot hinges and a inward and outward mechanism, can be realized with a different design on each side of the door.
“Customer’s satisfaction is our greatest inspiration. We always want to make hat there isn’t a mismatching between what we promise and what he will be able to able to deliver to our customer once the product is finished. What we offer in the ideation phase needs to be exactly what the customer will see when the production process is completed. His satisfaction must be greater or equal but never less “
These doors can be made with the most diverse finishes, including the possibility to apply an image on both sides of the door.
Choosing to apply an image brings to the door, maximum degree of customization . A solution that is particularly well versed for a pivot door, which is a model that can be designed without a frame, nor locks, nor handles. In other words, a free door where the photograph stands out with all its expressiveness.
But Lap Doors can also be designed with a frame and sophisticated locks. They can be produced in central vertical mode, in this case the door rotates on its own axis thanks to its pivot that is positioned in the middle, otherwise the pin can be positioned laterally.
In the photo gallery, there are two models of lap doors with two different finishings. The first picture features a Spotty Corten paint finish.
With the entire range of technical and aesthetic combinations, IDF1921 offers a catalogue with up to 50 million alternatives. Beside this wide range of technical features the company has developed catalogues with a variety of design.

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