Our collections are like “a journey”, a simulated path, which winds through technology and design, where elegance, art, mimetism, movement and communication, in this ideal itinerary , we wish, they will convey you our love and wisdom in our work.

Journey into elegance

The elegance belongs to the object in a natural way. When technology blends with color, light and materials, a harmonious unicum is formed, this is how elegance originates and therefore the distinction, diversity and refinement.

Journey into art

For the Greeks art included what today we would call craftsmanship, it was not based on specific rules but on individual invention. Art is a language, it is the ability to convey emotions.

Journey into mimetism

The door merges in a continuum with the colors and shapes of the environment,creating illusory images and returning the spatial continuity o therwise interrupted by the door.

Journey into movement

Movement, deformed images, as if running away, they’re the symbols of a rapidly changing society.

Journey into transparency

Transparent surfaces. bright, reflective … the journey into illusion capable of canceling matter.

Journey into water

Water, “nerò” in Greek, the” archè “, the ordering principle of the world, cross and delight since the dawn of history, the antagonism between water and man for its control is lost in the mists of time.

Journey into privacy

Defense of the daily gestures of family intimacy in the total sobriety of the lines.

Journey into air

Air, “areas” in Greek, intangible, is pure energy, a messenger of light, scents and… sounds, capable of invading any space even where we don’t want to.

Journey into fire

Fire, “fotià” in Greek, the principle of life and death that comes from its energy; the ability to control and therefore manage this energy has been a great achievement for mankind.

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