A story that begun in 1921, of a passion handed down over time, of a past taken by hand by the present and of a tradition shaped by the future.

A continuous challenge, made of passion, creativity, professionalism, constant innovation, respect for nature and a deep relationship with the Italian tradition that comes from far away “… venustas, firmitas, utilitas …” (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio – Vitruvio)
Customization of products: the processes are carried out within the company, from the trunk to the finished door.
The company is voted Green: raw materials such as natural or pre-composite or synthetic wood are free of formaldehyde, adhesives and paints are water-based; including ecological synthetic veneers in CLPL (continuous low pressure laminate); all traceable in compliance with ecological regulations.


… We have not industrialized the products but, we have industrialized the production processes.”

W.Morris 1861

There were schools that transformed men into artists, there was the Lira and there were the Italians with their creativity, their imagination and their skill.

Church Madonna Delle Grazie – Chieti -Italy

Entrance Door in solid walnut made in 1934


Don Alfonso and his three sons in an era of profound change and exponential growth inaugurate the first Italian industrial factory. 

and in 1970 it was declared the first European factory

Inventions and patents in a historical time of stimuli, when creativity prevailed over rationality.

Delegations from all over the world visiting to learn about the most modern technologies for the construction of doors and windows.

Some machinery of yesterday, still in use today …

… without giving up today’s technology

From the tree … 

… with the best materials fully respecting Nature …

… to the finished product, a custom door, tailored on customer’s needs

One hundred years of history in the culture of wood, marked by a continuous evolution of design, technology and construction techniques, have led to an extraordinary competence in structural, typological and material varieties, reaching considerable dimensional values in height up to cm. 360, in width up to cm. 240 and in the thickness of the doors from mm. 34 up to mm. 130, and to use noble materials such as bronzes, glass, marble and fabrics obviously combined with wood.

Three product lines with over two hundred models and fifty million set-ups, all designed and built environmentally friendly

Three brands


It’s a line of generic doors aimed primarily at the residential sector and are divided into:

prima: doors characterized by traditional technology and materials

handmade: the doors designed to last over the centuries using precious materials with a maniacal choice of raw materials and obsessive attention to detail belong to this line.


It’s a line dedicated to “resistance” to air, fire, and water, “the principle of things: the archè”.

Phono: soundproof doors, with certified noise reduction at 500 hz from 27 db to 42 db.

Fire resistant: doors that are fire resistant and at the same time soundproof, certified by a

laboratory accredited and approved by the Ministry of the Interior [UNI 9723, UNI 1634.1, 1634.3

Waterproof: doors capable of being able to resist water using water-repellent materials and adhesives and aluminum profiles on mouldings and under the leaf


With this line the door ceases to be a simple separator, it becomes a multimedia container connected and just a click away via a downloadable app that will activate the functions present in the door such as music, videos and lighting

Structured is the series dedicated to lighting and chromotherapy.

Hifi the magic of music through the door using your smart phone

Closet, container of emotions: bookcase cabinet, bar cabinet, lighting, chromotherapy, music diffuser

A unique soul

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