Relais & Chateaux Hotel Caesar Augustus – Capri Island


I am Paolo Signorini and I am proud to be the owner of the Caesar Augustus, a prestigious 5-star hotel located in one of the most spectacular places of the famous and magical Island of Capri.
Our house is ancient and integrates perfectly into the wonderful context that surrounds it.
This is why, for us, it cannot be a trivial choice to work with this or that supplier. For us, a supplier becomes an accomplice in a project of beauty and harmony capable of capturing the refinement and style of our environments together with us.
With this premise, we found the most suitable partner for us in Seal.
Seal, in fact, not only provided us with the doors which, in terms of aesthetics, functionality and elegance, best suited our project of excellence, but also always ensured the supply of the chosen model, even when out of catalogue, never being less than the commitments made.
Every year it’s a routine to renovate rooms or environments and it is extremely important for us to know that we have found and will find at Seal the maximum availability and speed in providing us with the door model that we do not want to renounce.
Just as it is an inestimable value talking to the same people for practically 20 years.
They are partners rather than suppliers.

Paolo Signorini
Hotel Caesar Augustus
Relais & Chateaux
Capri Island

Hotel Smeraldo – Rome




We made the first supply in 1999: two family businesses that found themselves collaborating for the first time. Direct and immediate questions and answers, every technical or construction problem overcome, always a ready solution.
Today after more than twenty years we have again decided to order doors to the same company. We have found now as before, competence, seriousness, quality. Correspondence of the product to the certificates, correspondence between order and delivery. And knowing that we could always talk to the same people, with a few more gray hairs, but always dynamic and available, was the confirmation of having made the right choice once again… For us, historicity and trust, obviously for a product that fully satisfied us, were decisive. But we also found a company that has been able to innovate: solutions, technical alternatives, collections, variety of fire and sound insulation certificates, are today even better than before. Now as before, we have been able to modulate the intervention into several phases in order to meet our business needs. Years ago we chose a classic door in inlaid cherry, which is still perfect today. In a few days, however, the last doors will arrive following the total restyling of the hotel, which began last year, with the renovation of 24 rooms and concluded this year with a single lot of 40 rooms. A classic door, the pantographed Alberti, revisited in a modern key and colors, adaptable to all environments, definitely suited to the new style of the hotel.
The doors change, the supplier doesn’t

Giancarlo Silenzi
Owner of the 3-star Hotel Smeraldo
31 July 2023

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