For years the choice and the raw materials have been made through a careful selection of suppliers,  selecting those that certify the traceability of the products and compliance with ecological regulations … 

… natural wood  

Solid wood and veneers used are scrupulously selected and come from areas (Europe, USA) where  reforestation is foreseen following the European Directive 995/2010 which allows the purchase in a  “responsible manner”. The wood or fiber panels are produced in Italy and comply with the EN 13986  standard which regulates the emission of formaldehyde.  

… pre-composite wood 

We only use eco-sustainable veneers (obtained from poplar, lime and ayous) certified FSC and EU (origin of  the material), OLB (compliance with regulations), SGS (effective renewability of the raw material). Upon  request, the precompounds can be formaldehyde free. In addition to these pluses, the precompounds  guarantee the constant uniformity of the product and do not have the typical defects of traditional wood.  … syntetic veneers  

CLPL (continuous low pressure laminate) are ecological products that do not contain formaldehyde, PVC or  phenols. FSC certified, have a minimum thickness of 20/10, are extremely elastic, and their characteristic is  the “synchronized” pore that allows to reproduce veins, contrasts and tactile sensations of natural woods 

… technology  

The adhesives used are produced in Italy solely based on water and in any case all free of formaldehyde.  The hardware and all components are exclusively produced in Italy.  

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