REI 60/90 AC Ph 9

Fireresistant door in CLPL, wood or lacquered, hinged door Model REI 60/90 AC ph9, UNI 9723. Soundproof 38 db. Leaf thickness mm. 66 sandwich type with perimeter double structure in solid wood, core in a compound of fireresistant and soundproof material, MDF plated; Frame in solid broadleaf mm. 60 x 110; Mouldings in multilayer, on the external side mm. 100×10 and on the internal side mm. 70x10x30; Hardware: double intumescent seal on the frame, soundproof seal on the frame and on the leaf, four anuba hinges adjustable diam. mm. 15 for weight kg. 80, of which two are door closers, automatic thresholdstrip.

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