The new version for the Ingres collection.

IDF1921 adds a new version to the Ingres collection and produces a new door to suit its new client’s need, U Visionary, a hotel located right in the heart of Rome.

The company, with 100 years of experience in producing high-end doors, continues its collaboration with the hotel industry. On this occasion, IDF1921 released a new model that enriches the options of the Ingres collection. The door was created exclusively for U Visionary, the very city central Roman hotel, situated in an elegant stately building, in Via dei Maroniti, a street near Via del Tritone.

The new Ingres model, created exclusively for the Hotel, presents itself masterfully inlaid with large diamond shapes and it has a polished polyester finishing. It is a Fx70 Flush FME a flush door in boiserie panelling, fire resistant for up to 60 minutes with cold smoke certification and 42 DB soundproofing. These characteristics together with other technical combinations can be applied on different kinds of door models. To know more about technical details, the technical sheets are available on the website, in the section journey into fire.


“We are really satisfied with the result, which was achieved thanks to the experienced craftsmanship of our men and the talent of our technical department. This is a product that was created with the aim in mind of always striving for excellence thanks to the attention we devote to detail. When it comes to design such high-quality products, the time it takes to produce them may be longer, but one of our strengths is to produce high quality doors in the least amount of time possible. Our efforts are always directed towards this aim.”


Inlaid doors are models with personality, the inlay makes them unique and elegant. The model created exclusively for U Visionary, has rhomboidal patterns and the wood grains are a perfect match with the interior of the room. It blends with the wall thanks to the flush boiserie design. At the same time the door is distinguished from the wall thanks to the curtesy lighting that allows people to orient themselves at night and at the same time gives meaning and status to its structure.


Along with other 50 million technical combinations, IDF1921 currently has three catalogues available: the art of inlay, pantograph doors, international style.

In the art of inlay, each leaf of precious wood is cut, worked, and sewn, exactly as it happens for the precious fabric of the most sophisticated fashion houses: they are doors made for the most demanding customers, eager to maintain a retro style without giving up daring.

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